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We are Steel Well, the main screw spindle is 45 # , belly pig iron is mixed with silicon steel . Material is available in the market to see the best popcorn machine , you can enjoy the contrast , more sentence , no steel popcorn world machine !!! sellers say that steel is lying to you !!!
How to put a good old master rice flower burst of Experience:
First, get the machine to clean up after the next wall, wipe with a damp cloth or burlap setback to the original iron dust wipe . ( No need to use water ) !!
Second , ready to open burst, do not rush to put the machine yard materials. The first shot machine is cold , put the machine under heating, heated to drip it is obvious that sizzle until white smoke . The time to start adding material . ( how much material is appropriate ? for example, three pounds of the machine plus about 1.5 pounds of rice , 5 kg plus 2.5 kg of rice , seven pounds plus 3.5 kg of rice , which is the most suitable novice few pounds of rice )
Third, just put the rice , do not rush with the fire , oh , use medium heat , slowly turn clockwise three or four laps and slowly turn counterclockwise three or four rings of a total of 7-8 laps plus a very busy fire fire , quick turn in one direction , then press the pressure burst open .
The total time from meters to increase the fire for about five minutes or so normal .
Our popcorn machine sub trumpet 3 pounds, 5 pounds in two types, large 7 pounds : 3 pounds machine filled with more than 2 pounds of rice ; the machine filled with 5 pounds of rice more than 4 pounds , 7 pounds 6 filled with rice pounds more weight because material density differences, there are differences ;
Tips : 3 pounds of actual explosion machine can hold 1-2 pounds or less of the material ;
When the machine can hold 5 pounds 3-4 pounds of actual explosive materials can be put around 7 pounds 4-5 pounds burst pro material differences between the actual needs can be safe delivery ;
The first time you use popcorn machine agricultural faithful attention, popcorn machine for table without zeroing may occur for the following reasons :
1. Transportation in shock (which can be manually transferred back )
2. After heating popcorn machine , blasting the table when not flat ( flat with no shock , easily broken table ) , to stand with ( To side up ) is not easily broken
Than other ordinary popcorn machines, high precision materials , sealing, appearance smooth, easy to maintain.
Warning: In the normal production process, such as heat for 2-3 minutes gauge pointer does not rise , should immediately stop both production and check the pressure gauge damage joints and all joints for leaks , pay attention to safety .
The processing of species Required pressure (Mpa) Soybeans, sweet potato slices , corn, potato chips 0.6-0.7 Green beans , red beans , and most legumes 0.7 Beans, sesame seeds 0.8 Rice, small yellow rice , sorghum, rice 0.8 Wheat 1.2 The price of water content in the materials processing 15% -25 %
Corn or rice popcorn machine installed in the big round belly , with the following fire, burn a certain temperature , the valve will open a pull , a sound boom , whole corn or rice crispy rice into a sweet flower. This is most common in rural winter scene a few years .
I plant the hand fire popcorn machine , high yield , hand flexible , portable, high-pressure pot , not only can open a small burst of corn, rice and can burst open , large corn , wheat, millet and other grains , rural winter small business to get rich is a good helper . Hand fire popcorn machine
Special Statement : This popcorn machine because of thin profits , heavy weight , transportation inconvenient , do not provide warranty service !
Some friends say the same price why you did not do something to send home more ?
By contrast shelf pro you to know that we consider is secure. Intended to do with the long-term , pro can think the next two pipe can support it , how can I live with some money , you we look to our Firm performance practical performance Just look at the use of materials do they know several shelves , and the rest I will not say more . . . . . . . . !
Special thanks to big farmers to support the shop , and I have to answer to the majority of the pro shop are A question will , Why your home popcorn machine expensive than other stores ?
A: The main material and finish that ! ! !
Our raw materials are Steel and cast iron Popcorn machine on the market with other ordinary wrought iron ! So please parents who do not ask me this is a wrought iron or cast iron, we are using a consumable part Steel !
Finishing : You can look at the machine\'s surfaces and our other home machines you see, we have a special casting surface cleaning and polishing workers install , you know now more expensive labor costs spent more than two projects cost two steps !

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